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Sandra Talansky

Sandra Talansky

Meditation Teacher

We began in 2016 as individuals participating in a Mindfulness based meditation group with the objective of reducing stress, anxiety, and enhancing a personal sense of well-being. I have had the rich experience of observing, through practices of the 3 Naturals, the meditation of Natural Wisdom and Compassion, and inquiry, the groups' transformation from a ME oriented group to a MWE (Me + We = MWE, coined by Dr. Daniel Siegel) community, supporting meaningful relationships, open hearts; compassionate and unified. The participants have decided to name the group The Bodhicitta Mindfulness Meditation Sangha, and have even created a whatsapp group to provide on-going discussions and support. I am so very grateful having had this precious opportunity of witnessing and being a participant in an unfolding dynamic of transformation. in both the Individuals and the group itself.

Firstly, as our meetings occur in a home environment, the visitors would be welcomed within a warm friendly environment. Arms and Hearts wide open!

Our members are quite diverse in terms of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, as well as age, education and occupation.

Cushions, chairs and prayer manuals (all translated into Italian) are provided, and our sangha circle always begins with warm exchanges, tibetan yoga, body scans,and an introductory dharma talk. Practices vary week to week, however we always begin with the 3 Naturals, Shamatha, and then segue into the Natural Wisdom and Compassion practice. At times after Shamatha we observe our minds, witnessing our conditioned narratives, and bring into light (consciousness) the shadow parts within our unconscious mind that create so much confusion and suffering. Then, with our tender and loving nature integrate them into our being. Practices are always followed by exchanges, questions and answers.

Being Italians tisana and home baked goodies are served!