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Patricia Hille Dodd

Patricia Hille Dodd

Meditation Teacher

In 1972, as a teenager, Patricia took a Transcendental Meditation workshop and got a taste of the possibility of a kind of freedom that has called her ever since. She began going on Yoga retreats to Kripalu in the 1990s and soon after attended Kripalu’s East meets East conferences that led her to Buddhism. However, it wasn’t until she took Lama Willa Miller, Jane Burdick, and Lama John Makransky as her teachers that her practice deepened and widened. Her current mind/body practices include Inyengar Yoga, Lama Willa Miller’s somatic wakefulness practices, and Lama John Makransky innate compassion practices. Patricia is one of the meditation practice leaders of the Portland, Maine Natural Dharma Sangha and has run meditations at local schools.