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Ken Bent

Ken Bent

Meditation Teacher

I have been practicing meditation for about 40 years and for the last 15 years my practice has been in the tradition of Innate Wisdom and Compassion, as taught by John Makransky and his teachers. These practices have allowed me connect with my deepest goodness and with the deepest goodness in others. I cannot imagine a life without access to practices that connect me with wisdom and compassion to help navigate our increasingly complex world.

I lead a non-sectarian, drop-in practice group, focusing on guided meditations of Innate Wisdom, Love, and Compassion developed and supported by our teacher John Makransky. The practices are supplemented by teachings from various texts relating to love, compassion and practice in our daily lives. My continuing practice is in finding ways to integrate the newly noticed awareness of how the mind works with my interactions with others at home and at work.

Our group is informal and no previous meditation experience is required. However, experienced meditators can also find access to new levels of experience and awareness with our practices. Discussions after the meditation practice involve refining our personal practice and then using the experiences and wisdom we develop in meditation to enhance our practice in daily life.