Jane Burdick

Jane Burdick

Meditation Teacher


Our sangha has been going for about sixteen years now. Over the years a consistent group has formed, there are four of us who take turns leading, and newcomers are always welcomed in a very rewarding way. Each week we all feel uplifted, glad that we’ve made the effort to come, and somehow feel that our practicing makes a difference…to us and to our world. People become more open about their experience of the practice and we leave feeling that we’ve connected deeply through the amazing practices that we’ve been offered.

People who come for the first time can expect to be brought right into the circle with everyone introducing themselves. The leader that night will give a short overview of our teachers and an introduction to the practice we’ll do that night. Given that they are led practices, no one is ever at a loss as to what they should be doing…or not doing. Unusual terms are explained and there is time for plenty of silence as well. At the end there’s time for questions or reflections on how the practice went for whoever would like to speak.

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