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Elise Hoblitzelle

Elise Hoblitzelle

Meditation Teacher

The path that led me to these fruitful teachings began with my introduction to meditation in 1993, followed by a robust mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training in 2001, when I developed a regular practice.

Soon after, I began a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, specializing in holistic studies, with an eye to connections across disciplines and to the role spirituality can play in our healing. My graduate studies included a practicum at the Center for Mindfulness, further deepening my personal practice as I witnessed the healing potential of this work for myself and for clients.

As my interests grew, particularly in the arena of compassion-based practices, I began my ongoing study with Lama Willa Miller and Lama John Makransky. As I continue to weave together the role of the body and of compassion-based practices in both meditation and psychotherapeutic healing, I am awed by how far these teachings have brought me both personally and professionally. I am also energized when I share the Innate Compassion practices in one-on-one work with clients and in other teaching settings.