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Bob Morrison

Bob Morrison

Board of Directors, Guiding Teacher, Meditation Teacher

I was drawn first as a practitioner, because these practices offer a complete path of awakening based on direct experience and exploration – putting into practice the most profound essentials of the Dharma that might otherwise remain abstract or out of reach. As I began to lead meditation, they also seemed the most effective practices that I might be able to share. I especially appreciate how they can resonate with Buddhists as well as those of other faiths or no faith at all (being an initial skeptic myself, though now quite devotional) and how well they integrate into “real life.”

I love how these practices show up in and enrich every aspect of life. Joyous or caring moments take on greater meaning, treasured as sacred encounters and spiritual resources. Challenges can be met with a sense of being held in love and compassion, and solidarity with others in similar situations. Whether it’s personal hardship – like my treatment for cancer or the death of loved ones – or suffering in the world that troubles my heart, everything becomes part of the path. Through it all, the simple joy and deep wisdom of being is invited to shine through more and more.

It is sheer delight to share this path with others. Again and again, I have seen people in our sanghas grow and develop amazingly, each in their own way, discovering greater love, healing, confidence, joy and wisdom. It is of course deeply gratifying to help in that process, as others have done for me, for which I am eternally grateful. At the same time, we continue to learn from each other in such beautiful ways, as questions or struggles with practice become opportunities for deepening in clarity together. As John often says, awakening is a communal process. So true!

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