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Al D’Andrea

Al D’Andrea

Meditation Teacher

Al is currently Artistic Director of Snowlion Repertory Company in Portland, Maine, whose mission is to inspire and delight Maine audiences of all ages by creating, developing and producing theatrical works of cultural, ethical, and spiritual value in an atmosphere of acceptance, enthusiasm and mindfulness. In this way, Al seeks to unify his spiritual practice and his work in the theater, a profession that traditionally involves intensely personal relationships that can be abused if not guided by an intrinsically humanistic and spiritual framework.

Most inspiring is the dedication everyone has to the practice, the collective power of our meditation, and the lightheartedness and joy each one of us carries out into the world at the end of our hour together.

One visiting our sangha can expect a sincere welcome regardless of the level of their meditation practice, clear instruction from that evening’s practice leader as to the meditation for the evening, and the ability to ask questions or engage in discussion at the conclusion of the meditation. We meet at 6 pm for an hour, arrange ourselves in a circle; go around the circle to introduce ourselves; and take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The practice leader then guides us through the meditation for the evening (a Dzogchen meditation such as Natural Meditation or a Benefactor Practice such as Lama John’s Innate Wisdom and Love, Innate Wisdom and Compassion, Innate Wisdom and Joy, or Offering Meditations), after which there is time for questions and discussion about the practice.