In addition to burgers, Red Robin also serves pasta entrees, chicken platters, fried fish, mac and cheese, and other American favorites. Red Robin’s menu contains items ranging from their custom fire grilled burgers, to a huge selection of salads, entrees and a lot of different appetizers! For our core business, both search and feed, we continue to see a lot of room to grow and to improve. As you mentioned, we now have a lot of marketing channels for our advertisers, including newsfeed, search, app opening ads, Juping or those off-line ad or screens at public areas. As we add more advertising opportunities into our platform, including mini programs and short video on top of search and newsfeed, what's your vision on how your advertisers using these different solutions going forward? Just a follow-up on that, on newsfeed, would be really helpful. So in terms of that, I think this year you'll see us probably growing more video content as we're having a few more video apps that we're pushing. Find out more: You Deserve To Get Free Groceries. And I think for that, you can see it's a function of the number of products that we have, the amount of promotion we have to do for new products and also the number of units that we sell.

  • Visit one of Red Robin’s locations during your birthday
  • Swirly Twirly Pasta
  • 7:00 AM - You have to start off your big day with a free birthday breakfast right
  • M.V.P. Pizza
  • 7:00 PM - It’s free birthday dinner time

I think first of all, when you mentioned how our advertising sentiment is before and after Chinese New Year, I think that's probably more relevant in terms of brand advertising business. 5 weeks starting from you get your card, as long as you visit 5 times in your first 5 weeks, your 6th visit will be defined as purchase including a burger, entree, full- sized salad or sandwich. So the more we can drive our feed traffic, the better we can monetize and the better the economics will be for the content contributors. But in the meantime, I think the -- or, at the end of the day, the user experience we can deliver or the matching and distribution capability we have is better than anyone else. I think it's very obvious that newsfeed is a fast-growing market. As you can see, newsfeed in the beginning was mainly social based and we realized on users coming on and acquiring fans and so forth.

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As I mentioned earlier in 2018, at the beginning of the year, we focused on Baidu App. To redeem, open the coupon in the Rewards section of your My Pretzel Perks app and show it to a crew member. Go: Gym Bags For Women. Be sure to print out this coupon and bring it with you to Red Robin. The Red Robin answer to a Double Double? So to answer your question, I think our competition, our strength is the ability to use our AI to recommend better and to get the user just to be more sticky. Grace, let me answer the first part of your question. Can you clarify what cloud revenue implied in your first quarter guidance. I think the initial is better than our expectation as you guys saw it did very well compare to the guidance revenue that we originally had. We don’t give forward guidance on a particular set of our business.

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Binnie, good morning. As I mentioned in our call, we talked about, you know, there are a few businesses that we'll be focused on going forward that we also have been focused on in the last few quarters. And then more importantly, we're going to have to spend promotions to grow the users. And then any metrics, in terms of increase on the usage for the DuerOS smart speaker from prior to the Chinese New Year to now post the Chinese New Year. Now we have the chance to show the users that Baidu App offers better, safer and more powerful search and feed capability from our app and the retention rate has been very satisfactory. That is, I think, the biggest achievement for us because before people always go to third-party browser and thought they are using Baidu App. And the cost driver, I think, for 2019 will be a function of a few factors.

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So if the policies are loosening up, if there are more advertisers coming from these sectors and so forth, we believe we're going to get our share because our performance base, I think, it's best-in-class. Bar - Sign up for The Keg’s Newsletter, and you’ll get a birthday coupon. Souper Salad - Join the Souper Salad eClub and get a coupon for a free buffet on your birthday. Applebee’s - Receive a free birthday dessert coupon when you join the Applebee’s email club. Fox and Hound - Enjoy a free entree when you sign up for the All Star Club. Shula’s - If you join Team Shula, you’ll score a free entree on your birthday with the purchase of another entree. 10 off for joining plus a free entree on your birthday. Those days are over, but you can still get disgustingly sick on your birthday from over-indulging on free food and drinks. • Get 25% more value when you redeem for airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

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• Exclusive Surprises. There are special offers and great deals throughout the year, which will make you and your taste buds delighted. How to register for Red Robin: • Click the “REGISTER NOW” button and choose your home Red Robin location. To find a location near you, head here. Red Robin need to make sure there’s a participating Red Robin close by your home location and your perks and privileges are only valid at your pre-selected home location. That's why we should be able to make the money that we deserves. Enter your name, birthday, address and other information and make other choices given to submit. The cloud, given -- it's a function of how we're growing and preparing to scale our business for the next year. We normally just look at the business in whole. During the whole Chinese Spring Festival period, tens of millions of users participated in our red packet giveaway activities. We started to roll out the mini games during the Chinese New Year Festival, and we obviously saw very good results, tens of millions of users played this game. Check here: Breathing Baby Dolls Most Cute Real Looking Baby Dolls That Breathe. And when I look at your Baidu App, I see kind of mini programs games, meaning more prominently featured there than before.