How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom bathroom

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How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom bathroom
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They advise the consumer of their products to reinforce or replace the existing fixture with a fan-rated ceiling box which is prudent, though are the consumers heeding their installation directives? Following the trends used in the construction methods of today's homes has led to the development of a new and simple method to reinforce an existing ceiling box to that of a fan-rated box that is consumer friendly. The ceiling fan manufacturers however may not be keeping pace with the trend in ceiling box installation practices. Cutting a hole in the floor or knocking out the ceiling is not prudent just to place blocking above a ceiling box. This may include having to grind off the whole floor and having to re-coat it again. This assures you of maximum durability and appearance for your floor. In the adjacent office, we removed the wall board from the wall that backs on the bathroom, and found the center stud in the span of the wall.

How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom bathroom