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Monday - Thursday


9 - 10:30 am PT

Please contact Suzanne for directions and more information:
(310) 387-8388

Suzanne Barret

Suzanne Barret

Meditation Teacher

Fifteen years ago, I was drawn to this practice, by the feelings I had while in the company of those who have participated in Innate Wisdom and Compassion Training.

My personal practice allows me to experience more loving kindness and compassion, toward myself and others during my daily activities. My mind is softer and kinder. Through surrender and trust, the practice has culminated in less selfish and destructive attitudes, fewer negative emotions and less manifestation of my deeply ingrained habits and deluded perceptions. This has enabled me to participate more compassionately in my role as a yoga/meditation teacher, woman’s group leader, animal rescue volunteer, heart-touch hospice volunteer and sangha member with less judgement and more discernment. Others around me, and I, are happier because of this incredible opportunity.

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