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7 - 8 pm ET


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Guests are welcome to gather at 6:00pm in the Meeting House for a brown bag meal/snack beforehand.

For more information, Email Ellen Mintzer: pmintzer@earthlink.net

Jane Vecchio

Jane Vecchio

Meditation Teacher

Over time our sangha meditators begin to notice and remember more and more moments of care and connection in their lives, and hearing about those helps everyone in the group attune to the varied, powerful, and sometimes mysterious qualities of love all around us.

I'm increasingly in awe of the deep layers in people, way beyond what or who I think they are or should be. Paying attention to that has been transformative.

Julie Forsythe

Julie Forsythe

Board of Directors, Guiding Teacher, Meditation Teacher
Founding & Guiding Teacher

Julia Forsythe is a co-founder and guiding teacher of the Foundation for Active Compassion. She has been a student of Surya Das and John Makransky since 1995 and she has completed many meditation retreats in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. She serves as a practice leader in these retreat settings, and in weekly practice groups in Putney, VT, and Northampton, MA.

Julie served as secretary on the national board of the Dzogchen Center for eight years where she focused on development of community contemplative practice groups. She has been President of the Foundation for Active Compassion Board for five years, and was on the national board of the American Friends Service Committee for six years during which time she focused on international programs of relief and reconciliation.

Julie was introduced to Buddhism in 1969 when she was working at the Quaker Rehabilitation Center for Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War. A lifelong Quaker, she is also rooted in that contemplative Western mystical tradition. Julie is retired from her position as an Assistant Professor at Landmark College, a college for students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Beyond her teaching and departmental chair responsibilities, she regularly taught meditation to learning disabled students. She is an active participant in community work for the elderly in Putney and currently serves as Secretary of Putney Cares.