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Diana Grove

Diana Grove

Meditation Teacher

What keeps drawing me to these practices is the deep allowing and tenderness toward myself that the practices help me soften into.  I’ve found my ability to be present with more of every part of "me" has helped me so much in being present with others with much greater curiosity, love, and a sense of humor.

I love sharing these practices with others in both secular and Buddhist-oriented groups.  Hearing each others' experiences has been supportive to living more and more from the wellspring of compassion that the practices help us relax into.

Katherine Bonus

Katherine Bonus

Meditation Teacher

When I first heard Lama John teach I felt a deep recognition and resonance with the teachings. It continues. My heart and experience recognizes something that continues to draw me into these practices and infuse my life.

To gather with others who sincerely want to practice, study and deepen in these teachings is supportive and life changing. Is very encouraging and expanding.