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Huntington Beach




7 - 8 pm PT


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21010 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Open to members of Equinox, please email Jona for more information: jona@samadhiforpeace.com

Jona Genova

Jona Genova

In 2012, I started an online sangha called, Community Meditation. My vision was to create a real-time gathering which could include those who live in towns that do not have a dharma teacher, those who are not able to leave their home because of emotional, physical or financial challenges, and/or have responsibilities like family care and work that make traveling to a group impossible.

Our slogans have included “Everyone is welcome” and “Do it in your jammies”. We are continuously working to create a space wherein everyone does feel welcome. Through the one hour Facebook live stream, you can see me but I cannot see you. Anyone viewing can connect by writing comments, liking, etc. You may enter and exit as you wish. The monthly gathering includes a brief dharma talk, often relating the practices to current events, followed by interactive practice. Individuals and families of all faiths are welcome. We practice deep listening and learning with everyone who joins us.

My aspiration is that what I do on the cushion shows up off the cushion. I’m a full time meditation teacher and energy healer. For many years, I tried to keep the two separate and distinct however, it has become clear to me that while giving healings, I’m accessing practices of Innate Wisdom and Compassion. Much of my work is with trauma survivors. The practices enable me to provide a stable, caring, connected presence that is deeply healing for both parties. The practices also remind me to look for and how to accept all of the caring moments that happen throughout each day.