Tsoknyi Rinpoche in conversation with John Makransky at Wellesly College

This event was held on the evening of April 9th at Wellesley College, a distinguished womens’ university located about 20 minutes from Boston, through the auspices of the campus’ “Art and Soul” program that serves the greater Boston community with noted speakers and events connected to the arts. It was co-sponsored by the Foundation for Active Compassion in Boston. Rinpoche was in conversation with Professor John Makransky from Boston College on the major themes in Rinpoche’s book. There was a standing room only audience of about 120 people which included faculty, social activists and leaders in the dharma community. Rinpoche’s talk was replete with great stories and insights and frank honesty about our western subtle bodies, coupled with John’s very skilful ability to clarify and amplify key points.


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