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Meditations of Sustainable Compassion and Wisdom

Introduction and Definition of Terms

Practice the meditations of “Innate Love and Wisdom” for some months before taking up these meditations regularly. Recall the meaning of love – loving care senses beings in their unconditional worth and wishes them deeply well. Recall the meaning of compassion – the power of loving care for persons that empathizes with them in their sufferings and wishes them deeply free from the suffering so they can be deeply well. Your benefactors are those who have quietly extended such love and compassion to you in moments throughout your life. They can include many people you’ve been happy to be near throughout your life, and spiritual beings who have inspired you from near or far.

In this practice you first receive your benefactors’ wish and energy of compassion into every aspect of your being. Your task over time is to open more fully to the protective energy of this compassion so your mind can permit more layers of your own suffering to become increasingly conscious to you. This reveals similar layers of suffering in other beings, deepening your empathy and compassion for them. Compassion for self and others helps your mind relax into its natural state − the wisdom of openness and awareness beyond self-clinging. By resting in its natural state, your mind can further unleash its innate capacity of compassion. As compassion and wisdom thus empower each other, they become a force of healing and compassionate responsiveness.

Please familiarize with Meditation One below for several weeks or months in daily practice. After that, when you feel the urge to do Meditation Two, you can explore it for several weeks or months. Then you can explore Meditation Three. Before entering into these meditations, please study the “TIPS” section at the end of this handout. For fuller explanations, study the manual, Awakening through Love, by John Makransky.

Download the full meditation guide:
Meditations of Sustainable Compassion and Wisdom

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