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Meditations of Innate Love & Wisdom

Introduction and Definition of Terms

Love here is the power to commune with persons in the goodness of their being, while wishing them deeply well. Your benefactors are those who have quietly extended such love to you, often in little moments long forgotten. A benefactor moment is a moment you can recall when someone was with you in a simple loving way, taking joy in you, in a moment of play, laughter, care, deep listening to you, or quiet caring presence. If it makes you happy to recall such a moment, it is suitable to bring to mind for this practice. Your benefactors may also include spiritual figures that inspire you from near or far.

To receive and extend love helps the mind relax into its most natural state—a wisdom of openness, inner tranquility and simplicity. By resting in its natural state, the mind can further unleash its underlying capacity of love. As this unity of love and wisdom unfolds, we can become more fully present to others, communing with them in their fuller humanity, instead of reacting from habitual judgments.

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Meditations of Innate Love & Wisdom

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