First New England Regional FAC Meditation Teacher Retreat

Six of us spent the weekend of April 26-28 at the Marie Joseph Spiritual Center in Biddeford, Maine. We explored practice in relation to the insights of Internal Family Systems that were presented by Lama John and Richard Schwartz, IFS founder, at the end of March. Our accommodations were perfect for our small group; a comfortable meeting space with wicker rockers and a couch…a large kitchen table with chairs like the ones we grew up with at home in the 50s and 60s. It was the perfect setting for easy conversation, deep practice, personal exploration, and sharing.

Here are some highlights from the group:

It was such a pleasure to have a relaxed time to get to know each other better. Who knew that Sheila has a Masters degree in Theater? I loved the opportunity to find deeper personal connections as well as share in the depth of practice that is so present among us. -Ilona

My favorite moment was when we were sitting at the “kitchen” table and looking at our experiences through a kaleidoscope of lenses. IFS, Enneagram, astrology and our own wealth of life and practice. Like a crystal with many facets and the light shining through in all different directions. With openness, fearlessness and ultimate curiosity and care for each other. Many breaths of light and air…. -Barbara

What a joy it was to end a meditation, look around, and see all of your beautiful faces glowing in the shared energy. There was such a sense of ease the whole weekend. Even though we had an agenda, we were so in tune with the flow of what was happening that the agenda shifted organically with what we all were feeling. All of this is probably only possible with small group, which adds weight to the idea of smaller regional retreats as well as the wonderful large ones. And there was a perfect ending: a table full of singing bowls sending out their sonorous vibrations as we created a tune of
our own. -Sheila

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