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Compassionate Mindfulness of Feelings

Compassionate Mindfulness of Body: Sit with a comfortably straight back, eyes open gazing downward, chin down, hands comfortably on lap. Take a long, deep, cleansing breath. Now come down from the thinking mind into the body, settling into the felt sense of the body as a whole. Bring awareness to whatever physical feelings most draw your attention: e.g. any place of tenseness, soreness, pain or pleasantness. Become aware also of any reactions you have to those feelings, like a wish for a painful feeling to go away. Without judging or trying to change these feelings or reactions in any way, just be with them in a gentle, friendly way, with a sense of acceptance and kindness toward all that is felt. (just a few minutes)

Compassionate Mindfulness of Feelings: Now bring to mind an unpleasant emotional feeling that is familiar to you, that you’ve been feeling recently. To help you bring it to mind, think of the situation that evokes the feeling: e.g. anxiety when you think of something you must do; an inner sense of urgency; feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities; feeling frustrated/irritable at someone or something; feeling sad, feeling fear. Notice how this feeling feels, not just in your thinking mind but within your being: e.g. the feeling of tightening up from a sense of urgency, a twinge of anxiety/fear, a queasy feeling of worry, a heavy feeling of sadness, a burning feeling of anger.

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Compassionate Mindfulness of Feelings

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