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Visit sustainablecompassiontraining.org for events and related resources by Lama John Makransky and Paul Condon.

Visit awakeningheartpracticecommunity.org starting October 20, 2021 for access to practice groups and related resources. Please check with your meditation teacher if you don't see your group listed.

Sustainable Compassion Training

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Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) teaches us how to become newly receptive to compassionate, healing qualities in the depth of our awareness, to settle into that depth, and to respond to others from there with more replenishing and expansive compassion and awareness. SCT is specially designed for people in caring roles and professions, for modern Buddhists, and for those from diverse spiritual traditions who want to access a power of care and compassion that can be more sustaining and inclusive, as well as, less subject to bias, mental depletion, and compassion fatigue.

Developed by John Makransky and his teaching team, SCT is adapted from Tibetan Buddhism into a form that is immediately accessible for people of all backgrounds and world views. SCT has three modes of meditation practice:

The receptive mode helps us find new access to hidden qualities of love, compassion, inner peace, and wisdom.

The deepening mode helps us settle into the source of those qualities in the depth of our awareness—with a deepening relaxation, inner acceptance, and spaciousness that is healing and freeing in mind and body.

The inclusive mode helps us come from that depth to respond to others in their deep dignity and potential, with more replenishing, unconditional and expansive powers of care, compassion and wisdom in action.

Sustainable Compassion Training practices are held by the meditation teachers of the Foundation for Active Compassion. Those who have become part of the community of authorized teachers have done so by attending retreats, deepening in the practices, exploring the online resources and entering into a communal discernment process with the guiding teachers. This website includes contact information for SCT guiding teachers, meditation teachers, and practice groups.