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Ultimate safety and peace are found only within our primordial nature.
~ Lama John Makransky

Our Mission

To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.


Guiding Teachers

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Founding Teacher

John Makransky
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John Makransky is the founding, chief guiding meditation teacher of the Foundation for Active Compassion, which provides meditation workshops and retreats both in Buddhist contemplative settings and also in secular settings for peace and social justice activists, ministers, social workers, teachers, therapists, counselors, health care and other helping professionals. These programs are sponsored by diverse organizations, such as Boston College's Graduate Schools of Social Work and of Theology and Ministry, Union Theological Seminary, the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy, Harvard Divinity School, the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, and Natural Dharma Fellowship.

John combines an academic career as associate professor of Buddhism and Comparative Theology at Boston College with his role as a meditation teacher within the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Since 1978 John has practiced meditations of compassion and wisdom from Tibetan traditions and in recent years has introduced new ways of bringing these powerful contemplative methods into the worlds of social service and social justice by making them newly accessible to people of all backgrounds and faiths. He has also helped Western Buddhists deepen their experience of presence and loving compassion in the context of socially engaged practice. read more...
Julie Forsythe
Julie Forsythe is a co-founder and guiding teacher of the Foundation for Active Compassion with her teaching mentor, Lama John Makransky, and Leah Weiss Ekstrom. She served as secretary on the national board of the Dzogchen Center for eight years where she focused on development of community contemplative practice groups. She was on the national board of the American Friends Service Committee for six years focused on international programs of relief and reconciliation.

Julie was introduced to Buddhism in 1969 when she was working at the Quaker Rehabilitation Center for Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War. A lifelong Quaker, she is also rooted in that contemplative western mystical tradition. Julie has been a student of Lama Surya Das' and Lama John Makransky's since 1995 and she has completed many meditation retreats in the natural ease tradition of Tibetan Buddhism (Dzogchen), including multiple One Hundred Day Retreats. She has also served as a practice leader in these retreat settings.

Bob Morrison
Bob Morrison
Bob Morrison is a guiding teacher with Foundation for Active Compassion, dedicated to sharing these life-transforming wisdom practices with Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Since meeting the late Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche in 1994, he has studied and practiced Dzogchen and other teachings of Tibetan Buddhism with Lama Surya Das, Lama John Makransky, Lama Willa Miller, Charles Genoud, Brendan Kennedy and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Bob has been leading meditations of Innate Wisdom and Compassion for many years in the Cambridge area for the Foundation for Active Compassion and on retreats, as well as mentoring newly emerging meditation teachers of these practices.