From the Teachers

In the mystery there is something more trustworthy.
~ Lama John Makransky

Our Mission

To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.




As a psychotherapist, a wife and mother, I often find myself face-to-face with pain and suffering. I might be listening to a client tell their story of trauma. I might be watching someone I love deal with life-threatening issues. Like all human beings, I might be struggling with challenges of my own, some heartbreak or disappointment that causes me personal pain. In these intimate moments of meeting and witnessing difficulty, when it is especially hard to know just what to say or do, I try to offer the practice of love and compassion to myself and others. To be present in this simple and open way creates a safe space where everything and everyone can be met with a fearless and warm heart. From this place of connection and wisdom, the best and most appropriate responses can arise spontaneously in my clients, in my family, and in my own life.

Often my clients come to me seeking change. My family turns to me for help and leadership. Both are seeking connection, support and guidance. By holding all in loving kindness and compassion, wishing only for their highest well-being and freedom from suffering, I communicate a gentle acceptance for who and where they are in this very moment. Sometimes clients have been struggling with problems or fighting situations for a long time. Often with children and loved ones, there are subtle power struggles involved in decisions. It can be a new experience for everyone to put down their agendas and weapons and cultivate instead a loving intention.

Over time, some of my clients begin to practice this meditation in a regular way. Their experience receiving and extending loving-kindness and compassion shifts their world. One former client reports, “It’s just hard to hate now.” In my own experience, I have to agree. While suffering continues, in my own life and in the lives of those around me, love and compassion offer powerful and transformative ways to respond.