From the Teachers

The shadow of the fear of dying is with us whenever we are not resting in the natural state.
~ Lama John Makransky

Our Mission

To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.


FAC in Community

Here are some of the members of the Foundation for Active Compassion (FAC) Community describing how these practices are helping them in their daily life, in their work, and in their contributions to well being of others.



These practices have informed every aspect of my life, including professional, personal, and spiritual. I have been a student of Lama John Makransky since early 2000, and recall a feeling of deep resonance the very first time I heard his delivery of the teachings and methods now succinctly presented in FAC. As a mental health professional, serving youth and families who have been impacted by trauma, abuse, and neglect, I readily infuse my practice with how I relate to both my clients as well as other stakeholders. While at times it appears to be easy to identify who the friend, enemy, or stranger is in this field - to identify the one to “blame” and the one to “save” - I have found it to be much more sustainable and authentic to allow my inmost goodness to merge with the inherent goodness in every person I encounter. This practice has thus allowed for my actions at work to be long lasting, deeply healing, and ultimately empowering to those I serve. My work is my vocation, and my practice is the means by which I have discovered who I most deeply wish to be and thereby be present in this world in a way that inspires, protects, heals, and confronts with tireless compassion and unwavering commitment.

Often, teachers will remind us that it is at home with our families that the practice truly comes to be tested. These practices have offered me a ground to stand on at times of challenge and transformation. Whether I am faced with unmet childhood needs, or newly developed habits and reactions, I’ve been challenged by these practices to receive love and acceptance into every nook and cranny of my being. For years, I have asked myself, “How deeply are you willing to be loved?” It is thanks to these practices that I continue to (re)discover new ways and dimensions of answering this very question. Coming to a place of self-discovery and self-acceptance, including the uncovering of a beautiful self-mystery, has empowered me to truly lean toward discovery and acceptance of those around me. Whether it is with my lover, or my mother, or my ancestors from ages ago, these practices have newly introduced me to a depth of connection and unity with my “family”, ultimately redefining and blessing my relationships with all beings.

Spiritually, these practices and teachings have opened many doors of inquiry and connection for me. My study and practice has paved a lifelong road of inquiry, and has challenged my every notion of mastery and perfection. With the support of my teachers and Dharma friends, as well as the support of daily practice, my spiritual journey unfolds before my heart, with no one sitting quite like the one prior. Integrating my Buddhist practices with my study and devotion of Christian Orthodox Saints, as well as my inspiration and honor of Social Justice Activists, has been a joyous way to wholeheartedly immerse myself into the essence of these traditions. My study and practice has thus become not just a spiritual path, but a way of life - a way of being.