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Everyone is profoundly the same in their deepest nature, so all matter equally.
~ Lama John Makransky

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To empower people with profound, accessible spiritual practices that support their individual and collective work to become better people and to make a better world. ...more


donate_button3Dharma students traditionally make an offering when receiving dharma teachings such as the audio and video files below. Such generosity empowers our own practice of innate compassion and wisdom while also helping the Foundation for Active Compassion to help others.
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john_m_uvaJohn Makransky delivers lecture at UVA "Adapting Compassion Training from Tibet for Secular Applications: Empowering the Deeper Personhood of Self and Others"

john_m_hinghamJohn Makransky delivers Interfaith Lecture at Glastonbury Abbey

"Fierce Compassion as a Force for Social Change"

International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism,
October 2010
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Click here for video of Lama John Makransky leading panel on Socially Engaged Buddhism


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